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This section of the Management Manual covers the preparation for a new or assigned tenancy, including the sale of both new and used homes, information for Realtors©, and screening tools for landlords.
 Before the Sale


Request for Consent to Assign Manufactured Home

This is the government form to be used when a tenant asks for permission to assign his/her tenancy to a purchaser. If the tenant doesn’t bring this form to you, you may choose not to request it and to instead request that the purchaser of the home sign a new tenancy agreement with you.


Old Home Resale
There are a number of standards that need to be met in order for an “old home” to be resold in your park. This document outlines the potential issues that could arise when a home is going to be sold on site in your park.


BC Electrical Code
The BC Safety Authority provides guidance on the interpretation and application of Section 21 of the Electrical Safety Regulation. It outlines the requirement for re-inspection of used manufactured homes being offered for sale.


Used Manufactured Home Inspection Report
This BC Safety Authority form is used to verify that a home for sale meets current health and safety standards. This form can be required if a home is for sale but appears there may be issues with leaks, mould, electrical, fire safety and/or the oil tank.


Agreement to End Tenancy
If a tenant will agree to end his/her tenancy before or during the sale of the home (requiring the purchaser you approve to sign a new tenancy agreement with you), this form is a mutual agreement to be signed by both parties.


Instructions to Realtors©
Landlords can help ensure a smooth transition for the sale of homes in the park by meeting with a tenant’s Realtor© and providing this letter. At this point you could also decide what additional documents are appropriate to provide.

 During the Sale

Bank Forms for Mortgages
There are advantages and disadvantages to signing “landlord consent forms.” Bank consent forms allow the financial institution who owns a mortgage to take possession of the home and sell it on the site, thus preserving its value, should the tenant default on the rent.


Canadian Bankers' Association Landlord Consent Form
As discussed in “Bank Forms for Mortgages,” the landlord consent form endorsed by the MHPOABC is this one, referred to as “1097.” You can inform a prospective tenant and/or bank representative that you will only sign this landlord consent form – and that it is endorsed by the Canadian Bankers’ Association and the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute.


The Application Process
Use this information when screening potential purchasers. This includes initial phone contact, the Application for Tenancy form, and verifying the information given on the Application form.


Application for Tenancy
This application form allows a landlord to evaluate a tenancy applicant, with the information necessary and permission for the landlord to do reference and credit checks. This form can be given to Realtors© to have available for prospective purchasers.

  Landlord's Guide to TransUnion Credit Reports
This guide outlines what parts of a credit report are relevant to a tenant’s address and payment history, and how to interpret each of these sections.
 After the Sale


Agreement Transferring Ownership of Site Improvements
This Agreement identifies the specific lot improvements that are being included in the home's sale price, which can include fencing, a shed, a porch/deck, driveway, landscaping, etc. It is to be signed by both the tenant selling the home and the purchaser, as well as by park management to indicate agreement that none of these improvements are the property of the landlord.


Oil Tank Inspection
This inspection form – to be completed by a professional – is for peace of mind of the landlord; request that all new tenants have this inspection completed where sites have oil tanks.




Finished Preparing for a Tenancy?


Mission Statement:

To serve, educate, and represent the manufactured home community industry in British Columbia, through:
  • providing timely and accurate information and advice to our members,
  • conducting educational conferences and other educational events,
  • establishing and maintaining effective relationships with the BC government, in particular the Residential Tenancy Branch, and
  • enhancing the image of manufactured home communities as desirable, and attainable living alternatives.

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