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It's About the Money!

That's the theme for this year's AGM and Conference to be held at the beautiful Harrision Hot Springs Resort Friday evening October 2 and Saturday October 3rd.  The hotel will offer special room rates for MHPOABC members.  Mark your calendar now and watch for details as our plans take shape.

Renting out a manufactured home? Our services expand

Many park owners also own and rent out one or more manufactured homes, covered by the Residential Tenancy Act.  There are different provisions in this Act and different forms are needed.  

We are pleased to announce that we now provide the same range of services to park owners who rent out homes within the park.  These services include commercially printed tenancy applications, tenancy agreements and condition inspection forms.

Phone 877-222-4560 for more information.

The Manufactured Home Park Owners Alliance of British Columbia (MHPOABC) offers the strength and experience of a
one-of-its-kind organization. While we are a provincial organization, our core businesses are very local. Our organizational spirit is based on gathering knowledge, skills and experiences. We are committed to your professional development and business advancement and with workshop training, coaching and a variety web-based learning options, we will assist you toward that end.

The MHPOABC has built a long and enduring relationship with our members and created an environment that rewards and empowers it’s members.

The Alliance group with 26,000+ residential units is a powerful voice in the affordable housing segment in British Columbia.

If you are an owner of a Manufactured Home Park in British Columbia you should join us, as we provide,

  • Prompt Updates on Legislation
  • Management Support
  • Information & Services
  • Annual Conventions
  • Lobbying
  • Credit Checks
  • A Unified Voice
  • And the many other benefits we offer.
  • For more information, contact us at 250-213-2627

Jay Gaudreau,
Manufactured Home Park Owners’ Alliance of B.C.

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for 2015 is 2.5%

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If you own a Manufactured Home Park in British Columbia,
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Businesses & Associations that are related to the Manufactured Home Industry in BC can join us as an Associate Member.

BC Housing SAFERTenants aged 60 and over renting manufactured home sites may be eligible for rent subsidies under the
BC Housing SAFER program. Further information is available from BC Housing at

Shelter Aid For Elderly Residents (SAFER) Rent Assistance. Mobile Home Parks BC


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